1️⃣ Reflect Brand Identity:

Choose locations that align with your brand’s values, personality, and message.

2️⃣ Know Your Audience:

Consider locations familiar to your target audience to create a stronger connection.

3️⃣Lighting Considerations:

Opt for locations with appropriate lighting conditions, such as soft natural light for flattering photos.

4️⃣ Backdrop Diversity:

Select locations that offer diverse backgrounds within a short distance, adding variety to your photos.

5️⃣ Local Landmarks:

Incorporate well-known local landmarks to add a sense of place and community.

6️⃣ Brand Colors/Aesthetics:

Choose locations harmonizing with your brand’s color palette and overall aesthetics.

7️⃣Comfort Level:

Select a location where you feel comfortable and authentic to enhance confidence in the photos.

Personal brand photoshoot. Eugénie Smirnova — your photographer in Toulouse and South of France

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