Today we will talk about why a photo shoot during pregnancy is so great and how to better prepare for it: what clothes to choose, and also discuss other important details.

What is important in a photo session during pregnancy?

The creation of these images is of great value to the family, because it allows you to capture all the care and anticipation and anticipation for the future baby. The waiting period is always a natural period of tenderness and care. I usually try to emphasise these emotions in my images. And  according to this I help you to choose outfit, ideas and angles of the  It is on the basis of the naturalness of the image that we will select clothes for shooting, ideas, angles for the shooting. We will try to create not just beautiful photos, but to make a small story. So feel free to prepare and bring with you any props you want: clothes and toys for the future baby, ultrasound picture, bord where you can wright the name and due date.

Which month is best for a pregnancy photo shoot?

Everything is very individual, depending on your condition. The best option is considered to be about 32-36 weeks. But if the tummy is already visible enough, then this event can be held earlier, starting from about 25 weeks. And if you are expecting twins or triplets, then maybe it’s time to shoot from 22 weeks. The most important thing is not to delay, and not to postpone until the last. It will be harder for you to pose right before due date.

I agree that it is possible to have photo session  at 39 weeks, I had one 1 week before due date.  But why risk it? Yes, and we all understand that in the last period it will be quite hard for mom physically, so it is better to do it early.

What location to choose for a maternity photo shoot?

For this case, almost any place is suitable: a room in your house or outdoors. It is great that the climate here in South of France allows it almost all year. It is better to organise photo sessions in the morning or evening. During the golden hours before sunset or sunrise.

How long does such photo shoot takes?

The photoshoot for the future parents usually takes 1-1,5 hours. If the family is large and already has another child, then 2 about hours. But for each family it is individual factor. For me it is very important not to be dependant of hours ut to get the best results.

When calculating the time, be sure to consider the time for hair and makeup. Depending on the chosen image, this time can vary from 1 hour to 4 hours. All this is also discussed individually with the stylist.I can always ready to recommend you trusted stylists for a nice price.

Here is some of my advices before photo shoot

  1. Plan your outfit. Begin with the person the most difficult to dress first. Plan all other outfits around that person, remembering to coordinate colours and patterns. Don’t use shirts with logos/graphics. Try to avoid having too many patterns. Take special attention on the shoes. Don’t over-match. 
  2. Make sure that you all in one style. For example: If you are wearing evening or cocktail dress, make sure that your husband doesn’t wear sweater or pyjamas. I am exaggerating but you’ve got my point.
  3. You can find a lot of ideas for the pregnancy outfits here and ideas for the posing here
  4. If you dye your hair — check if it is necessary to tint it before shooting, so that later you do not get upset because of the regrown roots in the photo. Moreover, it is better to go to a hairdresser for a haircut or painting in 3-4 days of the week, and not at the day of shooting.
  5. Whether to do your hair is your choice, but even just to brush it beautifully or curl them a little to make it look natural, a hairstylist can do better. So I recommend make hair and make-up with professional.
  6. And one more very important nuance: ALWAYS check the manicure before shooting, and for men too)))) In portraits and in family photography, hands often fall into the frame, and it is better that the nails are well-groomed and without bright varnish, just natural.
  7. If you plan to shoot barefoot, check the pedicure as well. Someone thinks that it is easy to paint nails in Photoshop, but this is quite difficult and expensive)))). Better to do everything in advance.
  8. By the way, it is also better to do all cosmetic procedures (like face peeling) in advance, not a day or two before the photo session.
  9. Important! Get enough sleep, be full and in a good mood. At a photo session with me, your main task is to enjoy the process. I will tell and help the rest :)) 

Thank you for trusting my advice!

Eugenie Smirnova — your maternity photographer in Toulouse, France