Find 5 minutes to take a look at the posing ideas.  And of course, I am also always open for your creative suggestions!

How to prepare for the Christmas photo session?

So the photo session will be organised at my home mini studio.

It means no time pressure.

The Christmas decorations will be classic, the light will be mostly natural.

  • You can choose 2 outfits if you want, there will be possibility to change. And time to take pictures in different clothes.
  • Plan your outfit. Begin with the person the most difficult to dress first. Plan all other outfits around that person, remembering to coordinate colours and texture. Don’t use shirts with logos/graphics. Try to avoid having too many patterns. Take special attention on the shoes. Don’t over-match.
  • Make sure that you all in one style. For example: If you are wearing evening or cocktail dress, make sure that your husband doesn’t wear sweater or pyjamas. I am exaggerating but you’ve got my point.
  • Have fun! Relaxed families = beautiful portraits. You can’t control everything, especially your kids’ moods.
  • You know bribing children doesn’t always work and can sometimes even backfire! Let them know they are going to have FUN! Try not to threaten a punishment for not smiling, that is a sure way to give you those fake forced smiles (or none). :))))
  • Do not forget props! It can be any small items important for kids or for you which we can include in photoshoot! Favourite toys, books, blankets. From my side I will offer fake gift boxes, garlands and funny hats.
  • Plan ahead napping time. A well rested energised kid is much more cooperative than a tired grumpy kid.
  • Make sure everyone is well fed before the shoot. At photo session I can offer a snack: some cookies, milk. But make sure that after it kids will stay clean. So not a chocolate)))) And yes, of course some champaign for the parents  
  • If you dye your hair — check if it is necessary to tint it before shooting, so that later you do not get upset because of the regrown roots in the photo. Moreover, it is better to go to a hairdresser for a haircut or painting in 3-4 days of the week, and not at the day of shooting.
  • Whether to do your hair is your choice, but even just to brush it beautifully or curl them a little to make it look natural, a hairstylist can do better. So I recommend make hair and make-up with professional.
  • And one more very important nuance: ALWAYS check the manicure before shooting, and for men too)))) In portraits and in family photography, hands often fall into the frame, and it is better that the nails are well-groomed and without bright varnish, just natural.
  • If you plan to shoot barefoot, check the pedicure as well. Someone thinks that it is easy to paint nails in Photoshop, but this is quite difficult and expensive)))). Better to do everything in advance.
  • By the way, it is also better to do all cosmetic procedures (like face peeling) in advance, not a day or two before the photo session.
  • Important! Get enough sleep, be full and in a good mood. At a photo session with me, your main task is to enjoy the process. I will tell and help the rest :)) Thank you for trusting my advice!

Eugenie Smirnova — your photographer in Toulouse, France