Photographer sitting with camera by the mountian lake

Do you want to have a photoshoot in your dream destination without robbing the bank? Well, let me tell you why I proudly call myself a destination photographer!

The Truth About Expenses: Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always expensive! Sometimes, the stars align, and I’m already planning to visit dream destinations. That means no big transportation charges for you! 

Win-Win for All: You get stunning photos in your dream location, and I get to check off another destination from my photography bucket list. It’s a win-win! 

Passion for Travel: I’m fueled by a passion for travel, and there are so many dream destinations on my list. If you live in one of them, or if your city holds a special place in your heart, let’s make magic happen right where you are! Your home could be my dream destination, and I’d be thrilled to capture beautiful moments in your corner of the world.

Ready to turn your dream photoshoot into reality? Drop me a DM, and let’s plan something extraordinary! 

💌 P.S. Next on my dream destination list: Edinburgh, Schwarzwald, Geiranger! What is yours?

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