Online photoshoots 119 EURO

The opportunity to work with you favorite photographer from any part of the word!

How does it work

Step.1 Idea and details.

We will contact in advance to discuss the idea and all the details of photoshoot.

Step. 2 Install Shutter App

You will need to install special application “the Shutter App” to your smartphone. And share the model ID with me

Step 3. Connection

I will send you the request to start to virtual photo session from my computer. Photo session will be started. And will give you all the instructions how to pose.

Step 4. Photos

In several days you will receive the link to you private photo gallery. Simple as this!

What do I need for my session?

✔️ Your smartphone

✔️ Internet connection

✔️ Shutter App application

What will be the quality of the photos

The quality of the photos depends most of all on two factors: the light conditions and the model’s phone camera, since the photos will be taken with your camera.


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