Je suis. Eugénie Smirnova — your photographer in Toulouse and South of France

 “🌟 Art Inclusivity Project by Eugénie Smirnova 📸✨

At the heart of my latest project lies a commitment to inclusivity and the celebration of art in all its forms. I am inviting individuals with disabilities, along with their mentors or protegees, to join me in the beautiful journey of creating art through the lens.What’s Involved:

  1. 📷 Personalized Photoshoot: I will capture the essence of you or your protegee engaging in the artistic process, be it painting, sculpting, dancing, or any other form of creative expression.
  1. 🖼️ Exhibition and Conferences: The resulting photographs will be showcased in collaboration with the 'Je suis' association, fostering awareness and appreciation for the diversity of artistic talent within our community.
  1. 🤝 Supporting 'Je suis': All proceeds generated from exhibitions and conferences will contribute to the impactful initiatives of the 'Je suis' association.

Document Signing: In order to proceed, I will require a signed document allowing me to use the captured photos for the association’s promotional and awareness activities.Let’s paint a vibrant picture of inclusivity together! If you or someone you know would like to be part of this transformative project, please reach out. Together, let’s showcase the power of art in bringing communities closer.For inquiries and participation, feel free to DM or contact me directly. Your story matters, and I am honored to be the storyteller.With creativity and inclusivity, 

Eugénie Smirnova

Je suis

We are a young association that implements creative projects aimed at uniting society: people with disabilities and ordinary people.

🎯 Our goal is to help people with disabilities to:

  • Develop their abilities
  • Integrate into society through art, music, beauty
  • Realize their potential alongside ordinary people

Kindness, compassion, joy of creation, and concern for others create the basis of human happiness.Helping others makes us happy.

Je suis
Je suis. Eugénie Smirnova — your photographer in Toulouse and South of France