Learn how to make your best photos

During this course you will learn about the basic techniques of photography and camera settings. You will the most useful information how to take a great photo. For each lesson I have prepared a number of creative tasks.

Lesson 1. Photo equipment
Lesson 2. Camera set-ups. Part 1
Lesson 3. Camera set-ups. Part 2
Lesson 4. Rules of composition
Lesson 5. Still life photography and light

How will it work?

  • The day for every lesson will be scheduled in advance
  • We will be meeting at the different parts of Toulouse
  • Duration of 1 lesson is 1 hour (30 min theory + 30 min practice)  
  • You will get home tasks and I will correct them
  • At the end of the programme you will get the certificate


  • 149 euro for the 5 individual lessons.
  • 119 euro (each student) for the group of  2 students
  • 99 euro for the group of 3 students

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